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The .38-44 loading was sold under a number of different names over the years.

BUT... I don't believe that the HI SPEED cartridges were .38-44s.

The "HI-SPEED" cartridges by Remington used lighter bullets, and were intended primarily to be metal penetrating bullets under their HI-WAY MASTER line of cartridges.

The HI-SPEED .38s I'm familiar with used a 110-gr. bullet and I THINK were for use in any .38 Special.

Remington clearly marked their boxes of .38-44 ammo with very large letters and numbers.

Remington also offered HI-WAY MASTER metal piercing bullets in .38 Super and .45 ACP.

Peters and Winchester also offered high velocity loads in .38 Special, again with lighter bullets, as well as metal piercing varieties.
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