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Al Norris
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In another thread CA Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that bans open carrying. Period.

One of the other bills he signed yesterday (Sun. Oct 9th) was AB 819. This bill goes into effect immediately and allows the CA DOJ to use the excess (or any) DROS fees for other police functions.

This so-called fee is now a tax on a fundamental right.

This will definitely help this case move along. Here's what I suspect is going to happen: The Plaintiffs will file for a preliminary injunction and motion for an amended complaint. Both will be granted.

So while the case moves forward, the new CA law will not be able to be used by the CA DOJ.

This is either a major blunder by Jerry Brown or a very slick move (which assumes he is smart enough to pander to his base, all the while knowing what is going to happen to this law)!
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