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Originally Posted by Alaska444
I think Gov. Moonbeam is the one that just blinked since this act surely IMPROVES our chances in Federal court with the several cases going through the system at this point. . . . . <snip> . . . .One of the reasons the San Diego case fell apart was the option to open carry. Now that open carry is no longer available, the arguments for MAY ISSUE is going to be very problematic for the courts in CA.

Any legal experts out there that could comment on this would be greatly appreciated since I am just an interested party, nothing more.
I'm certainly not an expert on the issue, but I think you've got a good point there. From what I've read, California (and other "may issue" jurisdictions) have rested part of their argument on the idea that they haven't infringed on the 2A because everyone could go ahead and carry, even if (in CA's case) they had to do it openly and only with an unloaded gun. Now that that avenue (unloaded open carry) has been eliminated, they're left with fewer ways to defend the denials of CCW permits.
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