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Which Head LEO Would Need to Sign My Forms?

I have a semi-auto firearm that is classified as a pistol but would like to convert into a SBR with folding stock and foregrip. I am aware that one must jump through all the flaming hoops, cut some red-tape and pay the various fees to do it legally. (IMHO it's a bit of a silly law BUT the law is the law!)

Anyway, I read that part of the procedure involves getting the county sheriff or head LEO in the area to sign-off on a particular form. Which leads to my questions about the process.

Would I be correct in guessing, one would have to schedule an appointment and actually go meet with him in person at his office?

Secondly, I wanted to know WHICH top local LEO's signature would I need to acquire on the paperwork? I live in a town that has it's own police force. Would I need talk to the (city) Police Chief or the (county) Sheriff? (My guess is the county sheriff.)

Thank you.
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