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I see a decent amount of .25,.30, and .32 at firearm auctions. In fact, last week I went to one, and got a tray lot of jumbled ammo,(they're fun to look through, and you never know what might be in it),and found
8-.32's, 4-.30's, 5-.35's, along with 150 loose .22 mags, 50-.22 specials, along with other random calibers. All of this for 5 bucks. I have the ammo for the .32 and .30, but am lacking the guns. I have been trying to get a Remington 14 in those calibers for acouple years now, but they always go over what I am willing to spend.

A full box of .30 and .32 in good condition will cost anywhere between 40$ and 55$, it just depends on who is there. Pretty soon I will have a full box, by just getting tray lots!

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