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When to shoot?

Discussions of trying to intercept an intruder or going outside to investigate noises reminds me of a shooting maybe 10-15 years ago of a Japanese exchange student named Yoshie who became lost or confused while trying to find his way to a Halloween party. The homeowners wife, seeing this dude in costume and who was play-acting his costume role, implored her husband to get his gun. He did just that and produced a .44 Magnum revolver. Yoshie, thinking that the homeowner was also play acting a role, and not accustomed to the hair-trigger mentality of people who imagine death and destruction lurking behind every bush and encounter, continued to play act, where upon the homeowner shot him dead.

If the homeowner had remained indoors, Yoshie would not have needlessly lost his life. If you must draw a line in the sand, make it the perimeters of your dwelling, not your driveway, outhouse or the back or lower forty.

If I must live with the fact that I've taken human life, that act must have been justified beyond all doubt.
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