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Wrong, the best scope mounting kits are the Sinclair, and Wheeler Engineering. After you use the kit as per instructions, I use this "boresighting method;
1. remove bolt from rifle, unless its a Lever-action, or break-over, in which case it will require a different means of boresighting.

2.Unlike revgo, set up a target at fifty yds,(being on paper at 25 yds doesn't mean being on paper at 100 yds)and get the bullseye lined up with the bore.

3. Remove turret caps and adjust crosshairs to center of bullseye with the bore lined up on the bullseye.

4. Go to the range and place a target at 50 yds, and fire a couple groups of three or four, until satisfied with zero, then move out to 100 yds and "fine -tune" that scope until it's perfect for your intended purpose.
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