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I hope the seller knows how to put it back together correctly now he's dismantled it! Seriously it is a bit more complex than just tearing everything apart & bolting it back together again!

"Surry" is a county in England, maybe its some kind of club ID or something? I don't know of any such marking for an Enfield. "England" would have made more sense as it could be a U.S. Import mark.

"18.5 tonne" & "crown over BNP" are civilian/commercial British proof marks. Based on that the rifle was sold out of service to a commercial firearms dealer in the U.K. then sold to a U.S. importer.

OK my thoughts, based on the fuzzy pictures, the fact his descriptions seem to vary a bit from time-to-time & the fact it has been "scrubbed" (all the original information removed) I'd pass.
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