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Solos are the new Kimber pocket 9.

IDPA is not particularly friendly to pocket guns. The Tac journal has spoken to this several times. Thus, a great number of actual carry guns are disqualified. It is a game. In club matches, shoot your snubby, etc. Ask the match manager if you can. Here, I've shot my 38 snub and a 327 mag. Others have shot 380s. You do that not to win but have practice. IDPA is resistant to mix these guns in regular matches - I think that is a mistake, BTW. They miss a slew of new gun owners.

About real training compared to IDPA - there are places where you use Airsoft or sims. If well controlled, it's about as close a civilian can come to real incidents. They can be heart pounding.

IDPA is fun and slightly more realistic trigger time than IPSC (ducking for cover - Haha - ).
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