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WOW! House alarm went off... How did you do?
I've had one false alarm almost 20 years ago and I failed on an epic scale. I'm a very light sleeper and to this day I answer my phone in 1 ring from a dead sleep and I sound totally coherent. This is because I'm used to being on-call.

Well, in this particular scenario 20 years or so ago, the alarm went off and I was up and out of bed with my 38 in 2 seconds and........running down stairs in my shorts in another 1 second.....yeah...EPIC FAIL.

These days, if there was another alarm while I'm at home asleep, the first thing I'd do is turn on the TV and scan the cameras throughout and outside the house. The next thing I'd do is call 911 (even though the system is monitored) and keep them on the phone while turn off the siren (so I could hear). Then I would creep out of the bedroom to check on the boys and round everyone up into our room. My wife has been trained to have her 38 and her phone with her while I do this.
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