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In order.
#4 Mk2 rifle.
If the bolt matches the receiver number that is the important thing from a shooting point of view. However, there should be a matching serial number on both the bottom of the magazine & the underside of the front woodwork for it to be really be "all numbers matching".

Ask what bolt head number is fitted. The headspace was created by changing bolt heads so you want a low one, like a 1, or a 2.

Year of manufacture: should be on the left hand side of the receiver, not shown in the pictures.
There should be 2 lines of type, electropencilled.
Line 1: "No4 MK2"
Line 2: "UF ## A #####" (The hash-marks will be numbers)
The year is the 2 digits after the UF, or possibly PF letter code, for Fazackerly.

Bayonet, ho hum, which type?
Spike type maybe worth $10.oo these were being sold as tent-pegs for 50c once upon a time.

A blade type with numbers maybe matching the rifle? A few bucks more but not a huge deal unless it has the scabbard & frog as well.

Assuming all is in good working order, no mangled parts, muzzle & so on in nice shape I'd go $350.

The #4 Mk1/2 is too high for me. I'd go maybe $350, same as the #4 Mk2.

Its a #4 Mk1 that was converted to a #4 Mk2 hence the 1/2 designation.
Dual-aperture sight, if the flip "L" type is wrong, it should have a screw micrometer type similar to the #4 Mk2. Missing magazine may be a problem. Enfields were matched to individual magazines, just grabbing "an enfield magazine" off a pile & shoving it in may not work well.

The stamps should include an "FTR" (Factory through repair) Britspeak for a complete rebuild. & a date the FTR was done.
AFAIK all the FTR Mk1/2 rifles were done at Fazackerly, but the rifle may have been built anywhere.

Same comments about numbers placement, bolt head numbers & so on apply as with the MK2.
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