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Shrek, you're getting into the area of Bona Fide Occupational Qualification -BFOQ under Tile VII, Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Unfortunately, neither the Army nor the FBI did a good job of creating BFOQs as it pertained to physical ability. Of course, they generally were not in the business of creating these defensible HR documents, but the fact is they didn't create them. So there are people in the Army who are physically incapable of physically doing everything they have to do.

A road march is bad enough carrying your own gear, but then you have to pass around the radio, the water, the M60 and the M60 ammo. If you have a few people who can't carry any of that stuff - the rotation get shorter so you basically hand off the water can and 1 click later you're lugging the M60. I was on a road march as part of PLDC, it was a 10 person class and we had 4 soldiers who couldn't carry any of that stuff. Toward the end they couldn't even carry their own pack - and they were the small 30lb rucks - not even the big ones. So in addition to not being able to carry the stuff that rotated around - they weren't even carrying their own rucks!

I always thought the Army should have had absolute physical tasks that you had to preform - or you couldn't get in. If it were a BFOQ it would have had to be something that soldiers had to do as part of their job. I always thought a good BFOQ would have been to carry the equivilant weight of the average soldier with a FCL, one kilometer in 7 minutes. That's like a brisk walk and granted , you're carrying a person on your shoulders, but I always thought that would weed out people who were just not physically capable of doing a lot of things. And it could be argued that a common required task of a soldier is to be able to take a wounded fellow soldier out of a fire zone.

After marching with this people I realized that there was no way I could ever count on them to move me if I got injured and couldn't walk. I can just hear it now "Wait here - I'll go get help!" Oh jeeez...

The FBI might have had a chance to make qualifying with the 10mm a BFOQ after the FBI shootout... it would have been a battle with the ACLU no doubt because of the disparate impact it would have on females, but - they may have had a good case to show that it was a BFOQ which trumps Disparate Impact.

Of course the FBI would have lost quite a few very good agents that were intelligent and competent investigators that just weren't good with qualifying with that powerful round.

As for my physical fitness today -

Today I do nothing.

I am going to the range tomorrow and I don't want the shakes or any muscle tremors to mess up my scores.
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