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"sort of on topic, not pistols, but there's a video out there of a guy shooting the .50cal Browning at a steel target at what looks to be at least a couple hundred yards away, possibly more. He's at a portable shooting bench.
When he shoots, there is perhaps a second or so delay, and you can hear a whistling sound, and see the bullet skip off the ground about 20 feet in front of him, and then it takes his ear muffs off his head. Looks like it hits the left side of the muff. He jumps up, finds he's pretty much unhurt, and says "we're not doing THAT anymore" .. or something to that effect.
Another couple inches to the right, and they could have buried his safety glasses with him. I hope he went and bought a handful of lottery tickets that afternoon, cause his luck isn't going to EVER be quite that good again, I'm sure.
Shooting steel is fun, for the "ring", but is HIGHLY unpredictable/dangerous. "

I saw that video. Scared the crap out of me and I wasnt even there. Man your right he needed to go play lotto that day. Seriously that might have turned me off to shooting period let alone steel.
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