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Yesterday evening, I decided to finish up the last of the nasty wheel weights in my bucket. I set up the old pot on the patio and started smelting.

Now, when I say "nasty", I mean it. These things would not clean up, so I've just been putting off melting them down for quite a while. And while there weren't billowing clouds of smoke coming out of the pot, it did look pretty noxious. But I had a mask on, so all was good. Or so I figured.

I was wrong.

Somebody...ok, not somebody, it was me...left one of the windows open in the back of the house and the breeze was blowing just the right way.

Oh, man, when my wife got home, there was trouble. Thankfully, an hour or so with the windows open and a fan blowing cleared things up. But I'm pretty sure that I've got a pretty deep hole to climb out of now...

On the bright side, I ended up with about 30 pounds of ingots that look a whole lot nicer than what they started out as!
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