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QUOTE: Federali

I forgotten technique with backup guns is to carry it in such a manner that's t's also accessible to the weak hand. As your strong hand is holding the gun in front of you, it may take gunfire as happened to several FBI agents in the infamous FBI 1986 shootout. Secondly, you may be trying to hold onto your gun while someone is trying to wrestle it from you. Or perhaps, an attack trained dog has you by the wrist. Produce a gun with your weak hand and the problem is largely solved. If you can't get that backup gun with your weak hand, you might as well not have it.

Weak or off-hand shooting is just a matter of practice and mental commitment. I make it a point to practice weakhanded every time I go to the range. 25 years ago, an accident with a power tool left me temporarily unable to use my strong hand. I qualified with my issued S&W model 10-3" firing the entire course left handed, shooting 276/300. I was able to use my speedloaders using the thumb, ring finger and pinky of my injured hand.

Appreciate all the advice, and I know that is something that could happen.
I ran this question to my range instructor I practice with, and he suggested a fanny pack in the front for one of the guns, to solve my issues. I worry too much I guess, about unintentional unconcealment. But I like very much using my left hand (strong hand) to access either gun. My brother said that it is not so important where you carry, as that you are carrying. If your time comes and your hit in the neck or somewhere else without warning you might not have a chance anyway. If I did use the fanny pack for one of the carry's I do not have access to the pocket gun when I want to get my hands on it without anyone knowing I am doing it, when approached by a potential
BG. Although I have a third handgun I am not willing to carry three.

I will say that at 10clock I can access the 44 CA Bulldog in a paddle holster, but admit that I cannot reach the 38 Spl in my left pocket. I could tell that my range instructor did not approve of my choice to double carry on the left side. But once before I was advised not to carry a pocket holster, but I tried it, read the posts, and decided that I like the backup weapon there best.
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