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Somebody had astounding insight into the cult worship of plastic and fancy, chic gear.

I thank my lucky stars every day (no exaggeration, at all) that ARs are so modular, glamourous, and that this reality keeps the classic "battle rifles" from experiencing even steeper price increases. Let's not tell them about these other guns.

It is crystal clear that my heroes in WW2 and Korea could never have usde their combat rifles and survive against the Modern Mall Ninjas and their Doomsday Rifles awaiting the "Apocalypse", in order to justify their existence.

Maybe the guys preparing for "Road Warrior" battles in their local (Australian-style) Outback will need them, in order to pick up chicks who survive the (much more probable) boring, gradual economic meltdown.

Can't wait for a day off to use the basic, original Garand, SKS, FR8 or one of the "Jungle Carbines". Please keep this classified.......

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