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I, also, have a pistol, a British Bulldog, chambered for the .44 Bulldog. The proper bullet is, indeed, a heeled the diameter of the bullet is the same as the outside diameter of the case. Both bullets and loaded ammo are available from GAD Custom Cartridges. I have had success with cut down .44 spl cases into which I seat lead round balls of .445 diameter over nine grs of FFFg black. The act of seating shaves off a ring of lead and the fit is tight.
In addition, the .44 Bulldog is a shortened version of the .44 Webley. Chances are that your gun may also chamber the slightly longer cartridge. The difference is powder capacity.
It is also possible that using .44 Spl case will require that the rims be thinned a bit so as to avoid binding the cylinder. Maybe.
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