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I agree w/Tailgator. Most have some inclination of knowing this but sometimes people are clueless on this issue. You might not be scared of dogs, never had an issue, & so-on, but this willnot stop three dogs on a warpath from attacking you. It can happen.

MLeake, I can't explain it. I have never been frightened of dogs, and I have never had a bad experience worth mentioning. I have thought about the dominance thing in the past w/Tyson. Was it somehow possible that tyson was declaring her dominance over me? I know it sounds silly, but that dog somehow got in my head. She looked like she was about to attack on multiple occaisons. The owners weren't very good owners and they had "incidents" with Tyson in some forms and others. I do not more info than that except that I do know they got rid of the dog, as my girlfriend told me that. One of their major reasons was the dog was "out of control" but again I am not sure what if any incidents played out with Tyson. Her lack of being trained and controlled, and/or dominated might have been a reason this dog was dangerous. I do believe the dog was a danger(at least to that young tike).
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