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Shipping C&R Long Gun

I need to ship a piece that I think is a C&R. I'd appreciate any input.

Topic 1: Is this a C&R?
The piece I believe is somewhat odd. From a little bit of research I've done it seems to be a Stoeger Flintlock made in the early 20th century for the trade market. I would assume this would classify as a C&R - from both the technology and age of production, if my reading of the C&R def is accurate.

Topic 2: Shipping To Another State
I think I'm concluding I need to ship it to a C&R licensee in the destination state. Is that correct? How does one go about finding a C&R licensee? A regular FFL is pretty straightforward - one finds a storefront. How about C&R? And does anyone have experience shipping something like a long flintlock? Just box it up like anything else and ship? Is there a preferred carrier?


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