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If I were designing and building my home, I would start with a full basement topped with thick walls (alternative construction like strawbale, adobe, or modern concrete forms) with a centralized, easy to reach safe room that was armored.

In that room would be the breaker box, controlling the electrical system for the house. There would also be the switches for the flood lights on the outside of the home. The security system panel, a keypad to arm/disarm the system that would show which zones are being tripped to assist with locating the BG(s), manual switches for the fogging system, fire extinguisher(s), flashlights, gun safe, telephone (the phone line is already buried and the box should be indoors in a closet or basement to prohibit cutting it - they can take the line out at the street if they want, but not at the house), a cell phone, several radios for communication with family members, a police scanner, the trusty 870 in a rack just inside the door *already loaded* and ready to go, the .45 or 10mm would be on my hip or in my hand by the time I reached the room.

Depending upon the location of the house I would consider designing egress to the *OUTSIDE* of the home underneath a deck or between the basement walls (faux wall between the foundation wall makes a great safe room - can run the length of the basement/foundation with entrance *secured* from multiple rooms upstairs. Entrances to the safe room should be secured with barricading rods (anti-kick-in sticks) or fully locking frame, long frame bolts secured into anchoring cement, holding the assembly in place. Preferably a source for outside air (in case of fire). There's probably lots of other things one could think of depending upon your needs, wants, desires, fetishes, etc
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