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I just finished test firing the Solo. I put 150 rounds of American Eagle 147 grain 9mm and Remington Golden Saber 147 through it without a hitch; add to that the 30 rounds test fired at the factory, and it appears to be now working as intended.

To get to this point, Kimber replaced the slide, recoil assembly, and barrel.

After some thought, I think I'm going to sell the gun; now that I know it works, I can do so with a clear conscience. The package will be the Solo, 4 magazines, and a custom IWB holster by HBE. I have a friend who would like to purchase it; for him I figure $650 will be a generous price for the whole set, particularly since the gun has just proven itself.

I currently have a Walther PPS filling the role I originally envisioned for the Solo, so I'm not sure what I'll put the money toward, other than it will go toward firearms in some fashion (house rule - cash from guns goes toward guns). Possibilities include
  • a SR1911,
  • refinishing my father's 1911,
  • tuning up my 20 gauge SD shotgun with a couple Police parts and a Robar coating.
  • some deal I just stumble over
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