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Is it just me, or did Alan Gura just call the whole pistol purchasing experience stupid?

I am no lawyer and my head usually hurts when I read these briefs, but his brief seems clear and spot on when it comes to the burdensome efforts some people have to go through.

QUESTION: If this case is won by Mr. Gura, will it become a case that can be used by the rest of the country to fight this requirement, or will it in effect, automatically place handguns in the same category as shotguns and rifles in regards to being able to purchase them in another state. (Will it depend on how high in the courts the case goes?)

(I believe the way Missouri law is written, I can purchase a rifle or shotgun in any state which physically touches Missouri. Or is this a federal law?)

Again, my thanks to you guys who work and explain these cases to those of us who have a hard time understanding all the legalese in them.
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