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most should be able to discern the difference between a serious, dangerous situation and a dog being a dog situation(in my opinion). there is nothing wrong with sending the dog to the other side in any dangerous situation(even before it gets that far). I have never had to do it myself. It is upsetting when I read about what some of these animals do to toddlers and/or infants. It can make me angry. I have seen the ferocious power of dogs over the years: just being stupid when they run in packs, killing the neighbor's cat(s) while I of course hold my dog's collar(I used to be a paperboy). My dog never got taken away.

It is possible to underestimate and also to overestimate a dog's or some dogs' danger(and some choose the safe, side of caution route and don't take a chance: I tend to agree with this in reasonable situations), but usually you can tell if the animal is just acting tough because it's his/her property, in the car, etc. That being said, sometimes a person's fear of the dog or situation can be a factor. I have never been scared of dogs, but I remember this one girl in college used to 'babysit' a pitbull(she was a "townee" and didn't go to school herself). This pitbull would look at you and something wasn't right. I have to give that mutt, purebreed, or whatever she was("Tyson") the pyshocological award for sure. She would look at you and it would go downhill as you locked eyes with her - I have never had this happen since. The last straw to me was how her 2yr old would stroll around in diapers or even naked sometimes briefly and the dog actually seemed to be looking at the tot like food. I told her straight out, to GET RID of this animal. She didn't babysit it anymore. None of this was over-exaggerated that's how I remember it. the kid part was her observation, but the first part was me. Dogs can be dangerous, and people that don't understand this are usually the ones that have accidents with them. They are loving pets and domesticated animals and also parts of the family. They are also animals and see things differently. Just because they are loyal to you and your friend, doesn't mean they won't think the new baby is ragdoll or want to lash out at the toddler in the house. Smells can change their behaviors. PLEASE, JUST DON'T BE LIKE THIS ex-CCWer:
"Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!" -Admiral Farragut @ Battle of Mobile Bay 05AUG1864

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