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I shot the KY-TN IDPA regional match this last Saturday, it was lots of fun. I beg to differ a little bit that it's not training though. Just like the much talked about "mussel memory" in drawing an firing, enough taking cover and attention to less than 50% of your upper body exposed long enough should also ingrain that into habit. Anyway, I didn't do to bad shooting, it was a few procedurals that took its toll. Being new to IDPA and having to shoot first at a couple of (to me) complicated stages that you had to tactical reload, emergency reload, on the move / behind cover, etc. etc. played a head game with me. Also being a newbie I was paying particular attention to everyones gear and tactics to improve my own skills and score. There were about 60 competitors at the match and I made it a point to see what everyone was shooting. What was missing were the LCP's, air weights, Solo's, etc. I did not see anyone shooting anything smaller than a 4 inch barrel, and that was me. Like many of you here, I do it for the fun of it, get some practice out of it, associate with other shooters and get away from the wife for the day

Another thing that was unusual, there were quite a few misfires and cost them time. Listening to the banter about it, apparently they were re-loaders. Their primers were not seated correctly and/or they had a bad primer.
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