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I have dispatched two dogs. One a yellow cur hit by a car... I put it out of it's misery. The other a rather large pit. Chasing a robbery subject who ran through an open air drug sales den. The dealers protection was the dog. This dog attacked me and latched on to my gunbelt. Man! what power! I shot him six times two that should have been heart/lung shots, one penitrating his snout, one through his right eye, and two to his skull. I tribute my accuracy to the fact that he was hanging off my belt. The dog let go and ran under a car. Eventual the ASPCA ( dog catchers) came and removed him.

Being a gun nut I was curious to know if I had hit him, and what damage the rounds had done. I was told to come back in the morning and speak to the vet. I did, and was told that the dog had to be put to sleep as he was in some discomfort from losing an eye... It would have survived being shot 6 times. I got to see the wounds I wasnt very impressed. Dogs are hard to kill...
The vets advice was that in the future take a head shot from under the chin into the brain. (easier said than done) Dogs are hard to kill...
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