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As a now disabled veterinary technician of 15 years and having a wife that is a current vet tech, I will only comment once. I love animals, I swerve out of the way of them in the road and brake for all of them. I have helped put down 100's of animals for health reasons and have teared up during every one of the euthanasias.

A vicious, attacking dog can be stopped without killing it. The question is how much pain and bites are you willing to endure to stop the dog and restrain it so it is unable to continue attacking. The average person has no idea how to restrain an attacking dog so in their case, resorting to shooting it is probably their best bet.

In my case, I have a very bad back and would still attempt to restrain the dog before I pulled my gun to destroy it. If it came down to my life or the dog, of course I would shoot it but only as a last resort. I can get very word aggressive when talking about animals as I am very passionate about them. So, as I said in the beginning I will only comment once so I don't turn this thread into a locked one. Be civil people...
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