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In the course of my LE experience, I did have one eye-opening experience with a pit bull. On a weekend day shift, with no dog catcher on duty [yeah, I know, the PC term is "Animal Control Officer", but I don't do PC], I got dispatched to pick this animal up. The dog was very friendly and gave no problems...right up until I got him to the pound, where he was greeted at the door by a cat that was roaming free. The dog went from Lassie to Cujo in an instant, and to make a long story short, all nine of that cat's lives were rendered null and void. This was before we had TASERs, and the pepper spray I hosed the dog down with in an effort to save the kitty may as well have been water. Later, I got to thinking: If that dog had been mauling a person, shooting would not have been an option due to the obvious fear of hitting the person. So, to that end, the pocketknife I now carry on duty is a Cold Steel 6" Voyager. If shooting an attacking dog isn't in the cards, and you don't have a TASER, a large knife might just be the better option.
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