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They are very strong and accurate revolvers. My 15-2 VH dates from 1981. It was my silhouette gun when I was a teenager. It still works fine. I like the fact that many people have never seen one. I love the "what the heck is that" look people get when they see it (it's got the 8" barrel installed.) Well kept examples are a good buy considering what S&Ws and Colts go for. I've been thinking of hunting for one of the supermags. I think a .460 Rowland would be a hoot, though a .357 Supermag version wouldn't hurt my feelings either.
Initially, when my father bought it, it had really tight chambers and the cylinder alignment was not quite on. It was sent back and fixed by the company without drama. I still have the paperwork. It went back again in 89 for another cylinder alignment issue (many thousands of rounds later.) It's been fine since. So, quality issues did exist, but they were typically not the end of the world. Fit and finish is otherwise good. It's still a joy to shoot.
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