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More FBI/Hoover Follies

In the very early days of skyjacking, there was an incident at New York's JFK Airport of a skyjacker holding a plane full of passengers somewhere on the tarmac. The decision was made to take out the skyjacker. AN FBI sniper was brought in. His only shot was to shoot from atop the jet blast barrier which is used to divert the thrust of jet engines in a safe direction. To do this, the agent had to remove his suit jacket to climb the barrier. This was before law enforcement started using para-military garb. Anyway, his shot was successful. One skyjacker dead. But, the agent's photo was in the Daily News just before he fired. Hoover became so incensed that the agent had removed his jacket in public, and was photographed that way, that he re-assigned the agent to some hole-in-the-wall jurisdiction as punishment.

Interestingly, Hoover would fire any agent he suspected of being gay. There is now persuasive evidence that Hoover enjoyed a long term gay relationship with his long-time side kick and companion, Clyde Tolson, Ass.t. Director of the FBI.

+1 to the several posters who cited the mindless buracracy within federal agencies. The FBI had layers of buracracy which served as an inpenetrable barrier to insulate their top brass from the rank and file. It was instrumental in allowing 9/11 to happen.
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