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This is the point at which we get to see if Judge Kendall has been properly chastised by the 7th, or if she thinks she can still salvage the City's arguments and allow them to further stall the case (and that's all this "objection" really is).
Agreed. Chicago has effectively backed her into a corner now. Which master is she going to obey? I think she'll obey the 7th's order to issue an injunction. Chicago declines the invitation to have input in that injunction.

She has extended every opportunity to Chicago to get on board and their answer is 'we object'. This is going nowhere good for Chicago. Your move, judge. No-one would blame her if she just gave Ezell everything requested and a bag of chips.

Time to open a few ranges. Any punitive action by the city against new range operators is going to be viewed with a jaundice eye by the circuit court of appeals. Range operators in Chicago will be operating under federal protection from the court.
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