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I hope you are wrong, and Border Patrolmen don't start falling to 50cal Barret fire from some of those hillside homes across the in Nogales, Sonora, for instance. I would hazard a guess that if that did happen the flood of outrage would resemble the Japanese tsunami.
Armoredman I hope I am wrong too but I cant see any other purpose behind it and I know I just saw a news bit the other day saying the cartels are defending their loads against our law enforcement.

A sniper rifle would seem to be a poor choice for the quick attacks against other cartels and civilians, the only other choice I see is ambushes of our guys.

A boat crossing the river or whatever supported by snipers. Imagine the reluctance of law enforcement to enforce and act if our guys get dropped as soon as they stop or get out of the blazers, etc. It would be a true nightmare in so many ways...

Sure I could be wrong and my point is not to spread more unfounded theorys but looking at the available evidence it is my best guess..
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