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A Colt Monitor (Bar) In Doves Position could have ended it with one magazine and chewed them to pieces. I am interested in the old time lawmen too. Winstead was particularly interesting and is the actual man that got the Kill shots (Most likely) on Dillinger. The FBI couldnt handle Dillenger and men like him. They are too quick and used to reactive quick violence. The FBI was kind of a step behind in terms of mindset until they uparmored as you said. They needed to call in Winstead and his buddies, guys that are used to Dillinger type violence. The 38super was awesome and In that time period I would probably carry a 1911 chambered for 38super and one in 45 . Thats a good joke and absolutley true.

-- As for your scenario how they would be equiped. Lets replace Dove with Winstead and Grogan with Bryce in the car. I bet the would have quite a few firearms. Winstead would probably open up with a Thompson or BAR being the passenger he would start shooting earlier. Bryce would probably have a .351 or some type of shotgun. The would probably have stopped the fight in 20-30seconds after the crash armed like that. Im sure they would have multiple pistols as well, on there person and with them. Guys were alot tougher back then,imo.------Bring enough gun is the ultimate lesson. If you know you got a fight use a rifle/shotgun not a pistol. Its that simple.
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