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It's treason of course but it will never be treated as such.
I dunno if it exactly fits "treason" in a clinical definition, but this gambit, like so many others fills in a picture of a group with an agenda that involves massive reductions in personal freedom by any means they think "effective". And Obama will skate, Holder will skate, think themselves mighty fine and just doin' another cakewalk. If there is a God and He thinks as I believe He does, they have a tough future ahead, but it may not happen for quite a while. I may never know of it.

The only good thing out of this is further confirmation of how inept, ignorant, etc, this group of smarties is. The bulk of the media types will try to bury the ****, but, as the Anderson Cooper episode points out, some people are adding the sums to conclusions they may not like but can't find another explanation for. A few of them genuinely are finding themselves in a moral dilemma. I bet the guy reporting to Cooper on this, leaving him with no out to explain this mess away, is not going to be getting regular assignments again, if Cooper can fix it. He certainly has made enemies elsewhere. My hope is that he finds himself wanting to talk with David Mamet.

The conclusion by the reporter on Cooper's segment is not the only one thinking that way in media, but as the **** matures, or ripens, the choices starts to be to pose as a complete idiot (unable to see what is before you), pretend nothing is happening (you are ignorant of what is happening around you) or start asking real questions. Those journalists and savants who know nothing unless NYT says it happened will continue without clue.

We didn't get into this fiasco, generally, without a lot of effort by many people in many places. Digging out is going to take the same kind of effort. Sometimes it's being a pain at a gathering, when someone bloviates ignorantly about how righteous Obama really is. Speak up to the contrary, calm, use facts, not emotion.

F+F is a great example of how low Obama will go for his agenda...besides wearing "momma pants", taking more vacations in a year than most of us have in the last five (and we paid for ours...and his) and then telling you are too "soft" and can't face up to meeting his requirements, his agenda.

Lots has been writ about Obama's self-esteem. The gap between the reality we occupy and his reality seems to be growing steadily, and this is a good thing, for us. Obama is a bad man. He has brought in bad people. The stables need cleaning out.
Loyalty to petrified opinions never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul in this world — and never will.
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