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I agree that it wasn't a botched plan. They never made any attempt to trace those weapons and what sense would have made to do that anyway? If they could trace the weapons they could trace the drugs the gangs are shipping. It was clear as a bell an attempt to make it look like more US weapons get used in Mexican drug wars. Anyone old enough to remember Iran Contra? Why is selling weapons to Iran worse than selling weapons to Mexican drug gangs and that's exactly what they did. IMO it's far worse because Mexico is a country ready to implode and it's right on our border. If people think the flood of illegals is bad now just wait.

The anti-gun crowd will lie and cheat to get their way just like every other liberal cause. I'm not the least surprised by their actions. This is Chicago style politics at it's worst too. Obama has tried to use this to create a registry of guns which would "start" on the border states and would certainly expand to other states as soon as they could trump up charges that guns were being bought in other states because of the registry. They wanted the gang killings to be done with US bought weapons. It's treason of course but it will never be treated as such.
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