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Gun Log 3.1 available

There was a concern about the target view where you view photos you take of your firing session's target.

I went through it and re-wrote it. It was too busy. A scrolling view inside of another, so that the controls could be pushed out of the way. Well now the controls set on top of the picture and just tap and hold and the fade away. They are also transparent which helps a lot as well.

Requests for additional calibers and manufacturers have been fulfilled as well. Especially for the .45-70.

After the next release, which is well under way, I am thinking of slowing down development and going out and doing other things with my evenings.

For $0.99 I think the Gun Log has a boat load of features.

Thanks for all of you early adopters. You helped fund my FN SCAR purchase and I think of the support every time I shoot that fine weapon.

I am considering changing the price of the app after the next major feature release. I am 99% sure that a price change will not affect those that have already purchased, if it does, I will lower the price back down and let it alone. I will not punish those that have done me a good turn.

If a "major" sponsor want to dress up a version I am willing to work out an arrangement and maybe we could get the app to be free or something, or maybe they could fund some features or such.

Don't forget the blog and the users group.

You can always email me:
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