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Originally posted September 4, 2011 by Al Norris:

Wisconsin Carry, et al v. Doyle, et al.

Overlooked by many of us, is this case which hasn't shown any movement since a letter was submitted to the Judge by the Assistant City Attorney on July 26th.

I became a bit curious and downloaded the letter from PACER. You can view it here.

The letter states that the parties have reached a settlement, but due to the Summer recess, the City Council will not be able to take up the matter and process the settlement. They are requesting that the Court hold in abeyance the case until the City Council has had the time to agree to the settlement.

The Court has suspended all activity and will hold a teleconference on or about Oct. 10th.

Schrader v. Holder.

On Friday, Sept. 2nd, Alan Gura files their REPLY BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF PLAINTIFFS’ RENEWED CROSS-MOTION FOR SUMMARY JUDGMENT as scheduled. It's a good read on why the DOJ can't be trusted to properly interpret law. See Enos for further confirmation.

There's a bit of a sticky wicket brewing over two CA cases. But I want to make sure I have my facts straight before I post about them --> Pizzo v. Newsom and Jackson v. San Francisco
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