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Originally posted August 25, 2011 by Derek Scammon:

For obvious reasons, those of us who are located in Hawaii are rejoicing in the streets that it's finally happening, although I don't know how well it will go for us. Hopefully they'll win the suit, although I'm sure it'll go through countless appeals and take years on end. The problem is, like FunTimes said, all the laws out here are infinitely incestuous, so it's going to take a pretty bold court to strike that many laws at once, which is typical of the judiciary. When liberals' agenda items are being decided, they'll strike down reams of legislation with the stroke of a pen, and say it's based on a found right that falls under the penumbra of some other right. With guns, they want to go through with a magnifying glass and only line out the sentences in the law one at a time to make sure they don't grant too much 2nd Amendment freedom to law-abiding citizens.

If only guns were used in abortions, we'd be in business!
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