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Hi all, I have been following this post for some time now as I too am affected by this violation of my constitutional right to bear arms. In 2008 i was convicted of misdemeanor dv, I had to jump through all the hoops: lawyered up, plead out of the felony they charged me with to the misdemeanor(which in my case was a break), completed the one year dv classes. I too am seeking expungement for this crime in the hopes to restore my rights. I live in a remote area of northern California where not only am I looking to protect my family, but myself from intruders and wildlife(bears, mt. lions etc.). Law enforcement cannot be at my house for over an hour if called, thats being said there is no cell service where I live, so if the phone is down I hike to the neighbors. So I am looking for ways around Lautenberg. I understand that I may not own/buy firearms, however is my wife and children who are not under any restrictions able to purchase firearms, and what about weapons they have previously owned before my ban? Any information on this subject would be appreciated.
My understanding is that I may not have access to these weapons, but if they were in a gun safe where "I did not know the combo/have access to" would this be safe?
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