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OK. On the 28th, Judge Kendall required that by Friday Sept. 30th (today), for the parties to submit an agreed upon order for a preliminary injunction or separate proposed orders if they could not agree.

So guess what happened?

09/30/2011 123 OBJECTIONS, Defendant's Objection to the Entry of a Preliminary Injunction (Hirsch, Rebecca) (Entered: 09/30/2011)
In true Chicago style, if you ask them what time it is, they will ask to build a watch, but only if you supply the plans.

The Plaintiffs fulfilled their obligation:

09/30/2011 124 Notice of Submission of E-mailed Proposed Injunction Order by Action Target, Inc., Joseph I. Brown, Rhonda Ezell, William Hespen, Illinois State Rifle Association, Second Amendment Foundation, Inc. (Sigale, David) (Entered: 09/30/2011)
Judge Kendall? Give Chicago some more rope, please?!
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