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Originally Posted by hatecrew2006
hey Chavo

That's my problem too, I can buy the scope mounts for it from Gunpartsussa, but I believe you will have to get some one to drill and tap the barrel for the screws.

I've pretty much given up cause I don't want to mess up my barrel. You could call T/C and ask what they think/recommend.

Have you shot it Yet?
I haven't shot it yet, I just got it last night in fact I have never shot a muzzle loader. I'm a shotgun/bow hunter but for the price I figured I would give it a try. There has to be a mount as the only way to see the model name "tree hawk" is to remove the rear rail sights. It has 2 tiny screws up front and a large one by the hammer.

Originally Posted by Palmetto-Pride
Don't worry about posting links, believe me if the MODS have problem with something you post they will let you know.

Have you thought about just getting another muzzleloader that is already drilled and tapped for a scope?
Nope don't even know if I like to hunt with a muzzle loader
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