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And its also been scientifically proven, that even if you are an old geezer, you will STILL benefit from exercise.

The less excess weight you carry, means you can move faster with less effort...

The more muscle you have, the less effort you expend to move things...

Rant Portion follows...

Ever wonder why some folks complain about recoil from a .40 short & wimpy?? PULEAZE!
Snappy my great auntie's fanny!! Feels about like a Grendel P-30 to me...that's a .22 WMR in case some of y'all didn't know.
The only folks that think .40 & 9mm are too much recoil and they need a .380 need to get their fat butts to the GYM!

The only reason the FBI had to downgrade the 10mm to the .40 Short & Wimpy is because of WEAKLINGS!!
If liberals hadn't made 'em take wimps & weaklings into gov't service, they'd still be using 10mm.
Hello! Its Law Enforcement! If you gotta hire someone to carry a gun & whooparse, get the strongest humans you can find!!
Mr. 5'9 with a 125# max benchpress ain't gonna cut it!! Go get Ms. Amazon 6'3 who can benchpress half a VW bug!

This also extended to my Army life...nothing I hated worse than some pogey-bait bastich falling out on a short march.
I mean, DANG, if you couldn't at least walk 20 miles before you joined up, you coulda picked the freekin Air Force!!
Boot Camp shoulda weeded out the weak, but they've de-nutted most of the boot camps!!
Drill Sgt's can't even CUSS a recruit anymore? WTH??

Just makes you want to round up all the liberals and ship them to China...or maybe the moon...
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A gun should be a tool in the hands of a deadly weapon, not a deadly weapon in the hands of a tool.
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