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Originally Posted by MLeake
So actually, it's worse than Iran-Contra, as I can't actually assign a potentially worthy motive nor justification.
It has been theorized that OF&F was intended to arm favored cartels. Some would consider that a worthy motive or justification, considering that our country has previously armed enemies to fight those we considered worse enemies. Also, remember that some (and many in the media) did not consider the motives underlying Iran-Contra to be worthy.

Originally Posted by MLeake
Yet the press isn't really all over this. They might eventually be embarrassed into having to provide real coverage, as I agree with those posters who've theorized the MSM will realize they are being scooped left and right and are starting to look incompetent.
I have no doubt that MSM coverage of OF&F will increase. Unfortunately, I expect the coverage will follow the path of the New York Times in decrying an unfortunate situation resulting from the well-meaning but misguided actions of low-level government employees.
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