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First, understand that your opinion about these things is just your opinion. Everyone might not agree with you about what is right and what is wrong. If there's a disagreement about the way a law should be applied, the matter is resolved in court. That's what courts are for and what they do.

Second, it is a fact that in the real world your conduct will subject to the laws as applied by courts. You may think they are wrong, and you may object; but at the end of the day you will bump up against reality.

Third, if you don't like the way things are, our system includes means of changing things. Legislatures can change the law, and court decisions can be challenged. But there's no guarantee that your view of the way the world ought to be will hold sway.

Fourth, if you think you will want to change things, you will first need to clearly understand the way things are, how and why they got to be that way, the mechanisms available to try to make changes and how to effectively use those mechanisms. You need to understand the real world.
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