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The local ABC affiliate in Phoenix is reporting that there will be more hearings into Fast and Furious, perhaps as early as October.

In addition, the next set of hearings will be joint hearings of both the House Judiciary Committee (which controls the purse strings for DOJ) and the House Oversight Committee. So DOJ will now be answering the people who write the checks directly.

Issa also indicated that eventually AG Eric Holder and AAG Lanny Breuer will be called to testify. Rep. Paul Gosar of the Oversight Committee also indicated that while Dennis Burke (US AG in AZ who had a major role in Fast and Furious, now resigned) has given private testimony to Congress, he would like to have him give public testimony on his involvement.

In somewhat related news, William Newell has now amended his July testimony before Congress which he says "lacked clarity." Based on the report, the amendment is really just more "See, this wasn't as bad an idea as it initially sounded" from Newell. He blames delayed reporting as being why ATF did not interdict more firearms, not the whole poilcy if deliberately not interdicting them.

In the same article, FOX reports that the FBI is also denying the existence of a third weapon at the Terry murder scene and says that there were only two weapons despite the audio tape from Howard and an ATF agent discussing the third weapon or the email also referencing a third weapon. The FBI claims the confusion came from it mistakenly identifying one of the AK47s made in Romania as an SKS made in China, causing the mistaken idea there were three rifles. They didn't discuss how they managed to misidentify only one of two identical rifles. Sen. Grassley noted he was skeptical of this explanation.
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