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Gun ownership and marijuana

I am a addiction counselor. As you might guess I deal with medical marijuana and recovery. If you use medical marijuana you are not in recovery. You are looking for a legal way to continue to get high. As stated in other posts marijuana use is still a violation of federal law. But what we need to keep in mind is what do our state laws said about being under the influence of marijuana and in possession of a fire arm. In Michigan if you are caught under the influence of alcohol you can lose your CPL (concealed pistol license). If you are caught under the influence or possession of any control substance and a firearm you just added time to your sentence. Driving under the influence of a control substance you are charged with impaired driving prescribed or not. This issuse is more than just a can of worms, it's a bucket of worms. I do not want to shoot with anyone that is high, weed, booze, prescribed pain meds.
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