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I agree that information can be hard to sift through but it is clear to me and it seems others and maybe yourself that this was 100% a political play and not a plan to enforce laws or bring criminals to justice.

In the event a drug lord or whatever brought weapons into Mexico (which was supposed to be one of the premises of this operation) the U.S. had no assets in Mexico that could observe where the weapons were going, let alone make any arrest. No coordination was made with the Mexican government. It was stupidity and arrogance on the highest level and to my mind arises to the level of malice of forethought and willfulness. This wasn’t negligence because this required thinking to get to this level of stupidity, it wouldn’t have occurred to this level without politics involved.

This was a decision of a power player at whatever level that was high enough in the administration that even senior bureaucrats chose to look the other way on a operation that had a 100% chance of failure. Whoever it was it was very high on the totem pole to have this level of power.

The purpose was to create a situation that would support the administration’s stance on guns. The administration wanted to show death and destruction and chaos so that guns could be further banned, outlawed and restricted. The administration had already placed into the Media’s mind that US gun dealers were responsible for a majority of the weapons being imported into Mexico. This blatant lie was pumped into the general TV media who for the most part posed it as being factual, and I’m sure that’s still the general public perception.

In the political world and in the business world perception is always king, it trumps even factual information.

From an administration stand point I believe what the political goal was is this: What great press to say wow we have all these guns killing Americans and Mexicans and the guns are coming from licensed gun stores in the United States. Taking the existing incorrect perception that had been placed as the truth and using it for a basis for new policy.

I believe the endgame was to push for overburdening regulations that would burden not only the gun purchaser but more importantly burden the gun sellers to the point that doing business would be almost impossible. I think that is still an overall goal of the administration but it’s not palatable at this time because of 2012.

The beauty of the plan as always is how many decades of fighting would it take to get the regulations defeated in the courts and they would start to take the lead in public opinion on guns. In the meantime how many gun businesses would go under? Probably many....

Like I said a political move with a political motive... Astonishingly bad, horribly arrogant and a attitude that no one can or should ignore. Acts and deeds like this cannot be allowed to stand.. It is sadly unfunny how you or I as law abiding citizens would never willing give guns to murdering drug cartels and yet the mangement of the ATF could and did without so much as a blink..
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