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he doesn't seem like a friend, that's for sure. 'man with a gun call' like instinct, lol...maybe he just didn't know better afterall.

in Mass there are two CCWs: a Class A and a Class B. Basically, you need a Class A or you are screwed for CCW purposes. I believe you need it for regular car carry too. Yeah, the gunshine state is nice. I respect FL. They have some tough laws and try to do their best with seems they have a lot to deal with throughout various parts of the state.

I read what you said about NJ and Mass and I hear what you're saying. My thing though - at least in mass - I feel like the law would back you up or at least respect you if you were within the limits of the law. Ohio - on the other hand in just in my opinion or perhaps my perception - seems to not respect the laws, and various people try to delve into this grey area to suit their fashion which seems a little ridiculous. A cop might give someone a hard time when he is completely legal because he doesn't agree with CCW. This is just one example, and I am not basing it on specific incidents. It just seems like they feel they can try to "read" the laws whichever way they want...

In mass a man with a gun call would happen, but the law would be respected if it was lawful. now NJ, I'm gonna leave that one alone...
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