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Ohio is becoming very liberal as far as guns go. I think it has to do with people from New England moving to Ohio due to the high taxes in the North East. These people come from anti-gun states...and carry those ideas with them. It's just a matter of time before Ohio becomes the California of the East, though I think New Jersey and Massachusetts are so bad that they will always compete with Ohio for the title of "California of the East."

I'm glad Florida is slowly becoming very gun friendly. My state has come a long way in the past decade or so....and is now one of the most gun friendly states in the south.

But just to show you how messed up the New England mentality is, on Tuesday I was talking in front of the local cigar lounge with a guy who had just moved to Florida from Massachusetts. A friend of mine came up for a smoke and asked me whether I had gotten than S&W Model 64 I had been telling him about earlier. I told him that I was carrying it on me....and the guy from Massachusetts got very uncomfortable all of the sudden and said he had to leave. About 10 minutes latter two local cops came to the cigar shop saying that someone had made a report that there was a person with an illegal gun on him. I showed the cops my CCW and explained what had happened. We all had a good laugh, and I treated both cops to a cigar. I saw the new guy from Massachusetts back at the shop 2 days latter (yesterday) and he was shocked to see me (I guess he thought I'd be in jail.) I explained to him that this is the south and it is perfectly legal to carry guns with a permit, so if he's going to live in Florida he better get used to it.

If am not mistaken, in Massachusetts you need a permit just to carry any gun in your vehicle for whatever reason, so taking your gun to the range without a permit could be a felony.
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