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What corporate America learned decades and decades ago is that there are tremendous cost savings and efficiencies to be gained by consolidating.

If you have three corporations like three banks, each one of those companies has a management structure, their own marketing organization, their own IT department, etc...

When one bank buys the other two, they can reduce the number of people needed, they have only one marketing department, IT department etc...

Not only do we not need a federal law enforcement agency that specializes in drugs and another that specializes in tobacco crimes. But it’s actually counter-productive. Fast and Furious proves it.

They need to get rid of DEA, BATFE, and also fold the counterfeiting investigations that the Secret Service does – all into the FBI. When the presiden talks about ATF's budget I just think of how much waste there is in it - how many of those middle managers are just not needed if the personnel were folded into an existing management structure.

If they did this they would instantly realize some savings because they would have 2 less directors to pay.
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