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The letter also states that prior to becoming a confidential informant, the financier may have used $3,500 in taxpayer money, "official law enforcement funds," to finance weapons trafficking. He allegedly received the money - not knowing it came from the U.S. government -- by selling narcotics to another government confidential informant.
So, the FBI gave their informant $71,000 of taxpayer money to buy guns (see earlier post). The ATF bought 6 Draco pistols with taxpayer money, which it later sold to people working for the informant (who presumably paid in taxpayer money). Meanwhile, there is some secondary financing going on as other government informants buy $3,500 worth of drugs from the cartel with taxpayer money.

I am starting to get the impression that the U.S. taxpayer is a significant source of funding for these cartels. Maybe if we stopped giving them money, that would help the Mexican government?
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